Over at MartianCraft we’re hiring iOS developers, and have a rare designer spot open as well. Come apply for the job, stay for my weekly snack updates.

Crazy www.seattletimes.com Opinion: Governor Jay Inslee must stand up for the people and veto legislative-secrecy bill

Sloane: dad let me tell you. In our horse game there’s stalls for two horses but we bought only the one that was free. Me: ok. Cool. S: there are other horses and stalls with locks on them. Me: so you want me to buy those? S: yes. They are only 99 bucks. Me: cents‽ […]

This was a difficult post to think about, but here’s my thoughts on OmniOutliner 3 for iOS.

For members, I dive into why I think indie blogs are struggling and stuff. It’s all about money, so I talk about money.

All too often the first two sentences of a blog post tell me just how laughable it will be. That’s all I wanted to share.

Apple gets a ton of undeserved shit for its ego. However this HomePod launch, I mean its deserved here. This launch seems to point to how much Apple cares about the device.

Today’s member post is a departure from the norm, but I’m proud of it. It’s about smartphones and addiction to them.

If anyone got that new TAD Fastpack Scout, and is over 6 feet tall, could you drop me some picture of you wearing it? It’s about the size of the Echo which really makes me skeptical that it doesn’t look tiny on a person.

Sloane, 5, has made a sign for her door that hangs. One side says “Sloane is in hear.” The other side says “Sloane is not in hear.” Best part is she flips it around as she comes and goes.

No, this is not correct. And that kind of bullshit is toxic. How you spend your time matters, sleeping past 5am is simply genetics for some people. (And I’m an early riser.)

One reason it’s hard to compete with GORUCK, is that they aren’t based in SF — they are based in reality. Basing your company in SF holds you back these days.

Quick GORUCk post today, but wanted to let you know that some GR1s are currently on sale. No clue for how long.

Steve wrote a great roundup of news and deals as it relates to wearing non-shitty clothing. check it out

The Apple battery smoothing issues shows two fundamental problems: People should not trust corporations. They never work in your best interest. Tech Cos need to educate engineers in humanities and the bigger picture. Decisions are too big.

Been lots of chatter about Silicon Valley mentality lately. Mostly as it relates to politics and AI. Thing is, this Apple battery fiasco is a better example than AI or politics of how SV companies think. Hell, how corporations in general think.

Just used the flashlight feature on my iPad for the very first time. Can confirm that you feel like an idiot while using it, and after.

All I am saying is that if there was epic snow this Christmas, that I’d be fine with that. So would my wife. And yet, she doesn’t like the plan of moving to Montana. Smh.

Interesting note, the aesthetic difference on the straps are more than aesthetic. I’ve updated the post to note this.

This seems like an idiotic way to compute BTC power usage. Bitcoin’s insane energy consumption, explained arstechnica.com

Every time I get a Filson email or catalog, I want to buy all the things, move to Montana in a huge log cabin and just be.