Because I’ve heard some people can’t pack for a week in a 20L bag, and want more options. New post on travel bag options.

Published this week: review of shorts, travel essentials, and many thoughts on how Slack is not good.

I had a chance to try these boxer briefs, and though that’s not what I normally where. They are super comfortable.

Article for you on surviving an open office layout. Oh, before I go, MartianCraft is hiring. We are remote.

Oh crap, just got a Cherry MX Black board, and now I don’t know if I like these better than the clears or not. Shit!

Lots going on in the member post today, but I also am asking you for some feedback. Especially about portable keyboards.

I wrote about designing better notifications, and the real winner is the blog art they came up with.

Member only post this week is a more practical look at how I put my removal of social networks in place.

Still looking to hire senior people for iOS, WPF .NET, React.js, and UX Design. Come apply.

How does Apple do such a good job with the ‘Chill Mix’ playlist thing, but fails at the other ones?

Ok I cannot stress how much I love this GMK Carbon SA keycard set on the Pok3r. So much so I am considering taking my keyboard with me this weekend to the beach. I mean, it’s so lovely and nice.

Any chance there’s a Tumblr for ‘Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of congress gifs’? Or is my internet old age showing again?

My two favorites from today: Booster seat: Smile:

If I were in charge of marketing for I would change to one simple question: “Ever wonder if your parents, are really your parents?” Sales would be booming.

A smattering of thoughts about various app related things, and an update to my iPhone home screen.

Earlier this week I talked about privacy in iOS apps and monitoring them with Charles for iOS.

I cannot recommend any Bosch brand dishwashers. This thing has more bullshit errors than any other appliance I’ve ever owned. When it works, it’s great. It’s that I’ve taken it apart 4 times in a year of owning it. So far.

I should probably write a Medium post about the 40 minutes I was without my largest iPad Pro and forced to only use the smaller one. AMA

My 12.9” iPad Pro battery died over the weekend (didn’t use it), it has now been charging on the USB-C charger for 25+ minutes and still shows low battery. This is stressing me out now. WTF.

Hey look at that, I’ve got the member’s post for tomorrow all ready to go. New iPad Productivity Report coming, finally.

The more time I spend giving direction to people, or explaining things on my website, the more I realize that considering the words you use are crucial to communication. More than that, thinking like this takes immense care to develop. More…

I had a professor who told me “it’s best to just pick one thing you dislike and to dislike it a lot”. I picked France. I’ve decided to relenquish my loathing of France with an overdue replacement of ‘Zuckerberg’. I hope those who know me best were sitting down when they saw this.

No member post today, recovering from the flu. I’ll get one out once it seems likely to be coherent.

Oh it really pisses me off when some blog decides they can analyze data sets, while having little understanding of statistics, math, and scientific method. Or just. Ugh so dumb.

This appears to be a similar thing I tried to do with a some buddies, only better done. Subscribed.

Hahahaha, we abused the people that worked for us so you can binge watch more shit. Hahahahaha.