From yesterday, for members, thoughts on Office apps, and a recommendation for the Surface Pro. Wait, kinda.

Received my new GORUCK Bullet Ruck yesterday. It’s the best one yet. Great upgrade. I’ll also note it removes the hydration hose loops on the straps too.

I think the one thing Amazon understands far better than most retailers is the importance of expedient and accurate delivery. Typically I will pay more for items fulfilled by Amazon, because I trust that it will actually get here.

New Bullet Ruck seems like a really nice upgrade. Top handle is a big improvement, as is the d-ring instead of the Velcro (more versatile). But removal of the bottom grommet is going to make many very happy.

This knife is really good. I have the 2nd run version, bought one of these too. Review soon, for now get one.

I was able to bust out that Blockbuster membership card again for another review of a wallet.

In addition to my Dunkin Donuts review, I talk about why the Things update is so important.

This screen time calc is fucking unnerving. Apparently I average picking up my iPhone every 6 minutes over the past few days. And every 4 minutes today. It’s 5, FIVE, for my iPad Pros. God help me.

No joke, I just saw another kid at my daughter’s school with a GORUCK Echo. So at least I am not completely alone.

Found my first iOS 12 iPhone casualty: Zoho Expenses. Trying to open camera, crashes the app. FYI. (Still a great app)

Member post for this week: a redux on Standing Desks, and some thoughts on my favorite EDC/Backpack focused sites.

Because I’ve heard some people can’t pack for a week in a 20L bag, and want more options. New post on travel bag options.

Published this week: review of shorts, travel essentials, and many thoughts on how Slack is not good.

I had a chance to try these boxer briefs, and though that’s not what I normally where. They are super comfortable.

Article for you on surviving an open office layout. Oh, before I go, MartianCraft is hiring. We are remote.

Oh crap, just got a Cherry MX Black board, and now I don’t know if I like these better than the clears or not. Shit!

Lots going on in the member post today, but I also am asking you for some feedback. Especially about portable keyboards.

I wrote about designing better notifications, and the real winner is the blog art they came up with.

Member only post this week is a more practical look at how I put my removal of social networks in place.

Still looking to hire senior people for iOS, WPF .NET, React.js, and UX Design. Come apply.