My “Best” page finally has a table of contents, still a shit show of design:

Oh. Hey it says my sites channel is available in Apple News, but I don’t see it in there.

For those of you who have been pestering me: the SSL cert for my website is updated and no longer tosses errors in Chrome.

iCloud Drive deletes files for sure, OS X also deletes files when I randomly unplug my external harddrive mid-transfer.

LOL at all the sites trying to meet their previous commitments of finding the “good” deals today. Amazon trolled you hard.

Here’s a thought: tell advertisers you don’t accept their JavaScript bullshit anymore. I mean it’s a thought.

Vacation makes it abundantly clear how many email newsletters you need to unsubscribe from.

Disney notes: my Apple Watch is more useful, comfortable, and less sweat prone than this “magic” band.

Hey Netflix the add profile button the iPad app is stupid big. My kids just keep making profiles. Who needs a button there for that‽

I’ve decided to not post on Spoken anymore, instead just posing short audio right on my own site. Such as:

Let’s just break this down for a minute: Monkey is named: George Human is named: Man in Yellow Hat, or just “Man” depending.

According to my feeds today: Marriage fuck yeah. The Deck really, like really, needs some sponsors.

Top tip for the day: El Capitan makes things like Bartender irrelevant. But in doing that, menubar apps that require you to drag something on them break. #themoreyouknow

You guys ever seen someone eat raspberries with ketchup. Because I have. I have. And it is gross as fuck.

My MacBook review should be coming through the paywall shortly, for the impatient become a member. 😉 Or click here:

If any of you make a Spoken-like plugin for WordPress, let me know. I would love to use it.