I’ve tried most of the “fixes” for iCloud backup. None work. Did iTunes encrypted backup for now.

To those iOS 9 Beta testers, just realized my iPhone has been failing to backup to iCloud. FYI

For those that were asking after my Tweet yesterday, I just posted my NetNewsWire thoughts.

Classic: Fragility of Free services and products: https://brooksreview.net/2011/03/fragility-free/

Sloane: “Dad, but where is winter” Me: slow turn, eye contact “Winter is coming…” bows Sloane: ?

When o see how other people load the dishwasher I wonder how rage filled @drdrang gets. It’s like people don’t understand how water sprays.

Wait Hillary owned her own domain, so why the fuck did she put numbers at the end of her name? Is that how she thinks email addresses work?

Erin suggested the girls sleep in the same room tonight. I was hesitant. We did it. Girls fell asleep within 10 minutes. Amazing.

I love storms. Truly. But as a homeowner I hate cleaning up after them. Also a small tree fell in my yard. Ugh.

The X100T is on Massdrop. Could get sub-$1000. Best camera out there. Sign up link: http://ift.tt/1jH0N0h

Kid keeps me up all night and wakes for the day at 5:09am. At 6:27am she says “Daddy I think I woke up too early.” No shit.

I’ve started to see the Apple Watch in TV shows on main characters. But total flop, so joke is on them.

I was on top of it last night, I got both the kids’ iPads charged. My iPad battery is dead though…

You should sign up for my newsletter. (I do have an archive of past newsletters: https://brooksreview.net/newsletter-archive/ )

Dear @omnifocus, Please make an “I was sick yesterday” button which moves all my stuff forward to today and offers condolences.

At 2:30am I was awoken by an intense hail storm. I didn’t see how big they were, but by the sound I assume the size of basketballs.

And then I realized it was just me singing about a snowman in SUUMMMMEEER! As the kids had lost interest.

Erin’s fucking MacBook Pro is overtaking this little table at Starbucks. Barely enough room for my MacBook. Who uses that large of a computer?

Sees raccoons a few feet from my cat outside. Goes and scares away raccoons. Cat stands under the tree they climb and stares. Stupid cat.

My review of that Bullet Ruck, is of course, here: https://brooksreview.net/2015/07/bullet-ruck/

GORUCK has a big sale ending today, the Bullet Ruck 10L is a hell of a deal: http://www.goruck.com/bullet-ruck-10l-black-3l-hydration-bladder-bundle/p/GEAR-000541

So far, no one has said yes to offering me money when sending me feedback. So that makes my inbox less cluttered.

Me: “why are you deep frying the rice in that game?” Sloane: “so it’s crunchy. Yum.” Me: …

Setup Piwik on my server, going to test for a bit and if good will turn off Mint. Has ‘do not track’ support.

Upated my contact page to better reflect the most important question I need to know: https://brooksreview.net/contact/

It would be awesome if people had to answer a yes or no question before emailing me. My question would read: “Are you offering me money? Yes or No”

Last night, while playing with Keyboard Maestro, I made the best notification on completion of a download: http://brooksrevie.ws/1iuc9