I love storms. Truly. But as a homeowner I hate cleaning up after them. Also a small tree fell in my yard. Ugh.

The X100T is on Massdrop. Could get sub-$1000. Best camera out there. Sign up link: http://ift.tt/1jH0N0h

Kid keeps me up all night and wakes for the day at 5:09am. At 6:27am she says “Daddy I think I woke up too early.”

No shit.

I’ve started to see the Apple Watch in TV shows on main characters. But total flop, so joke is on them.

Open RSS reader.

Remembers it is “sponsor Monday”.

Closes RSS reader.

I was on top of it last night, I got both the kids’ iPads charged.

My iPad battery is dead though…

I must admit that CMD+Tab on the iPad is super nice.