This screen time calc is fucking unnerving. Apparently I average picking up my iPhone every 6 minutes over the past few days. And every 4 minutes today. It’s 5, FIVE, for my iPad Pros. God help me.

No joke, I just saw another kid at my daughter’s school with a GORUCK Echo. So at least I am not completely alone.

Found my first iOS 12 iPhone casualty: Zoho Expenses. Trying to open camera, crashes the app. FYI. (Still a great app)

Oh crap, just got a Cherry MX Black board, and now I don’t know if I like these better than the clears or not. Shit!

How does Apple do such a good job with the ‘Chill Mix’ playlist thing, but fails at the other ones?

Ok I cannot stress how much I love this GMK Carbon SA keycard set on the Pok3r. So much so I am considering taking my keyboard with me this weekend to the beach. I mean, it’s so lovely and nice.

Any chance there’s a Tumblr for ‘Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of congress gifs’? Or is my internet old age showing again?

My two favorites from today:

  1. Booster seat:
  2. Smile:

If I were in charge of marketing for I would change to one simple question: “Ever wonder if your parents, are really your parents?”

Sales would be booming.

I cannot recommend any Bosch brand dishwashers. This thing has more bullshit errors than any other appliance I’ve ever owned. When it works, it’s great. It’s that I’ve taken it apart 4 times in a year of owning it. So far.