Glad to see Gemmell and Viticci realize iPad + mechanical keyboards are the way to go. They have some catching up to do, I mean are they even using custom braided cables yet‽

@manton any idea why my posts are showing up at a way different time than when they should be (earlier than they should be)

Had Taco Bell’s rolled chicken tacos (aka Taquitos) tonight. Of course with nacho cheese. The cheese was good the tacos were a little bland. Meh.

It’s 2018 almost 2019. If you’re writing about tech and you even think about being annoyed by a lack of a headphone jack. You should reconsider writing about tech.

In some personal news, yesterday I was replaced as CEO of Martian Craft and let go. I’ll keep you all posted on what’s next, when I figure that out. 😂’s integrations with new services is breaking it for me. And shows the vulnerability of not having platform wide unique usernames. I’m getting replies unlinked to anything I said and which frankly I don’t think are directed at me. Dumb. Frustrating.

Oh, one more thing, I don’t get people making the argument that they bought this year to last them for a while when their track record has been upgrading yearly. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t own a Mac, only use iPad Pros. Barely use my iPhone. I have a first gen 12.9” 128GB Cell iPad Pro. It’s more than enough, and actually I could have skipped the cell on it.

So keep that in mind for your device envy, I certainly don’t need a new one.

On another note. I’m very excited about the weather today. High of 42 degrees, my kind of weather.

Ok. Proton VPN’s support is really pissing me off today. I really don’t like CS that assumes a user is an idiot. So I’ll be exploring other VPN options most likely.

Interesting side effect of my talk about rucking is that iOS now tends to autocorrect “fucking” to “rucking” instead of “ducking”. So if you thought ducking was confusing, it’s really rucking confusing talking to me.

Been using my iPad Pro with only the software keyboard for a about a week now, and I am surprised out how well it has been working out. Maybe it’s better than I recall. Maybe I won’t travel with Smart Keyboards and shit any more. Maybe.

My pal Shawn has his Focus Course open right now for a short window. It’s great and well worth the money and time. Shawn’s the guy I call (literally) when I need help getting on track with my productivity and focus. Course is aces.

Ugh, do I sell my iPad Pros and get a new one, or just see how long I can keep using these until they stop working. Honestly torn because I am getting tired of endless upgrade cycles.

Just chatted with Apple Support via the iMessage tool for the first time. I would give it an A+, but the issue is that I had time to clean my pocket knife while waiting for them, and ended up cutting my thumb. So be warned that this seems like a very dangerous way to get help.

New Helm email server looks awesome, but $500 plus $99 a year for just email is a bit steep.

Selling my Lum-Tec B38 GMT. Let’s go with $375 shipped CONUS. Shoot me an email if you want it. Comes with two NATOS (leather and nylon) and the Lum-Tec Silicon strap.

@brentsimmons hey, wanted to chat with you about something, any chance you could email me: ‘ben {at}’

GORUCK is raising their prices across the board by at least 20% come Sept 1. So you know, use my affiliate link now to stock up on GR1s. Also, on another note: I am shocked they have waited this long to revise prices.

Decided to delete my Instagram account this morning. Good doesn’t outweigh the Facebook for me.

I have a GR1 that needs a new home. 26L Ranger Green and comes with the Ranger Green Sternum Strap. Only used for my morning rucking workouts. In great shape. Got the Workshop GR1 on the way now… email me if you want. Let’s say $270 shipped.