Vacation makes it abundantly clear how many email newsletters you need to unsubscribe from.

Disney notes: my Apple Watch is more useful, comfortable, and less sweat prone than this “magic” band.

Hey Netflix the add profile button the iPad app is stupid big. My kids just keep making profiles. Who needs a button there for that‽

I’ve decided to not post on Spoken anymore, instead just posing short audio right on my own site. Such as:

Let’s just break this down for a minute:

Monkey is named: George

Human is named: Man in Yellow Hat, or just “Man” depending.

According to my feeds today:

  1. Marriage fuck yeah.
  2. The Deck really, like really, needs some sponsors.

Top tip for the day: El Capitan makes things like Bartender irrelevant. But in doing that, menubar apps that require you to drag something on them break.


You guys ever seen someone eat raspberries with ketchup. Because I have.

I have. And it is gross as fuck.

My MacBook review should be coming through the paywall shortly, for the impatient become a member. 😉

Or click here:

If any of you make a Spoken-like plugin for WordPress, let me know. I would love to use it.

With ad blocking coming to iOS you’ll soon see which bloggers can actually adjust with the times. Since they pan those who can’t. popcorn

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but who uses web search that much anymore? I don’t get it.

I’m saying this for the betterment of the world. Aleve-D Cold and Sinus is amazing stuff. That is all.

Our family shared photo stream is like never ending professional photos of our kids thanks to my wife.

Just published a very large post about my writing process, in hopes of eliminating those emails. Foolish, I know.

I’ve long wondered what would happen if I created my own hub for posting to Twitter. That’s essentially what this site is.