I’m at UT Austin tomorrow for the career fair. I am unsure if this is my company saying I should find a new career, or if I should be helping students find one. So uh, I look forward to it.

Been a heck of a day, right? I mean these guys literally boxed my entire house in under 8 hours. I can’t even fathom how long it would have taken me to do the same.

In case you are ever moving and need to cancel Comcast service. Budget 32 minutes on live chat with them. You’ll need to enable pop up windows for that to work too. 🤦‍♂️

I like the new WordPress editor, except the fact that it could not be a worse experience on an iPad, for an iPad user. Like, did they even test this? Is it 2011 again?

I’m a huge Apple News fan and users subscribed to Apple News+ instantly. I’m far from impressed, mostly because they made no changes to the News app to accommodate a different type of content. I can’t even favorite a publication and hide others. Stupid. I’ll hang in but they need to do a lot of work to keep my money.

I had to call and talk to two people to cancel my Seattle Times subscription today. That’s absurd. And then they didn’t want to let me do it without a reason. And they wonder why people don’t subscribe to more of their shit?

A clarify buttons sounds like a better idea to me than an edit button, but y’all go ahead and keep debating something that will likely never happen.

I have an odd issue with internet connectivity and my (2018) iPad Pro. Here’s what happens:

  1. Plug in Apple’s USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, and plug in a USB mechanical keyboard (tested with three different ones, same behavior).
  2. Work.
  3. At some point while connected to WiFi still, the internet stops working.

The only fix is to unplug the adapter and things go back to working within a few seconds. Even toggling WiFi does nothing. Anyone else have this issue?

Made some type changes on brooksreview.net to remove the Typography.com type account from it. That should free the site from the last bit of third party tracking, as far as I know. Still adjusting the design for the new typefaces.

I have a couple iPad Pros to sell. I’ll be making a full post later this week but if you want to snag one before then here you go:

  • 10.5” 256gb WiFi with Smart Keyboard Cover $360 shipped. No box.
  • 9.7” 128GB Cellular with Smart Keyboard Cover $250 shipped. Have box.

Is there a difference between those who endeavor to increase user “engagement” on social networks or digital devices, and those who work(ed) to make cigarettes more addictive?

When your numerical rating doesn’t line up with the first sentence of your conclusion. This is why numerical ratings are pointless and misleading.