Minor point: AOL used to be “the internet” for many too.

The more time I spend giving direction to people, or explaining things on my website, the more I realize that considering the words you use are crucial to communication. More than that, thinking like this takes immense care to develop. More…

I had a professor who told me “it’s best to just pick one thing you dislike and to dislike it a lot”. I picked France. I’ve decided to relenquish my loathing of France with an overdue replacement of ‘Zuckerberg’. I hope those who know me best were sitting down when they saw this.

No member post today, recovering from the flu. I’ll get one out once it seems likely to be coherent.

Oh it really pisses me off when some blog decides they can analyze data sets, while having little understanding of statistics, math, and scientific method. Or just. Ugh so dumb.

This appears to be a similar thing I tried to do with a some buddies, only better done. Subscribed.