Dropbox is getting kernel extensions. In other words: no better time then now to move to iOS only.

I love new desk day. Been waiting 2 months for this. GET HERE FASTER FEDEX

Yes! Just what I needed, help with my sites SEO. Thanks Mary! Thanks email!

New icon looks shitty. New UI is just as bland as the food photos in the app. Well suited for each other. Hashtag:hottake

That thing where your office mates talk too much and distract you, so you buy $500 headphones to be distracted by two white guys having a conversation. hashtagpodcasting

Amid all this talk about podcasting. I still use the Apple app, and amazingly I listen to only Cortex. But it takes me 3-12 weeks per episode. But clearly, it’s the future.

You guys won’t judge me if I get a 9.7″ iPad Pro too, right?